1. Kim Bach
    Kim Bach
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    Great report! Sad that I missed the conference. I’ve been a huge fan of Ben Hammersley since he addressed Reboot 8 wearing a kilt!

    Maybe we should stop accepting/using a label like “geek”, frankly I think we’ve ALL (humanity) won (qualified with “mostly”: all sorts of things – good and bad – came out of the woodwork ;-) with the tools of free speech the Internet has given us).

    Without the communications technology I would have written exactly zero words, besides technical documentation, now I have a blog with 700 posts, that I’m mostly quite proud of.

    Regarding Moore’s law, progress itself hasn’t been that swift, my first program was written in BASIC in 1977 and, so far, the last program I wrote was written in BASIC in 2011, for sure different dialects, the point is that our tools, and brains, are lagging behind.

    I’m pretty positive about politics and changing it for the Internet age. I’m not too impressed with our MPs, but the local-politicians, and especially the civil-servants, are quite easy to get to listen.

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