14. oktober 2012 Astrid Maria Bigoni

Twitterstorms, Reddit and free speech

An interesting thing happened this week on the internet. Gawker exposed the real identity of a moderator from the hugely popular internet community Reddit. This moderator created subreddits for sharing pictures of very young girls (who were unaware that their Facebook pictures would essentially end up as something similar to porn), and on the subjects such as misogyny and incest. When other Reddit moderators found out that Gawker might reveal the moderator’s name, the response was quite interesting. They posted a statement, that banned all links from Reddit to Gawker. The banning of links to Gawker was seen as a way to protect the freedom of speech, that users of Reddit find essential.

Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web – is the full Gawker story. Do take time to read it.

An announcement about Gawker links in /r/politics – is the Reddit moderators’ response

And if you can’t make sense of the logic in the moderators’ argument, you are not alone. Here is a piece that sums up the irony of that argument Thoughts on Free Speech Logic and Violentacrez

And after all this revealing peoples real identities, here is something to make you think of the people that get caught in a Twitterstorm. How does it feel to have your identity revealed because of something stupid you said on the internet? Life after a Twitterstorm is brilliantly written by Alan White, and again, please take time to read it.


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