2. november 2012 Astrid Maria Bigoni

Mozilla Festival – I can’t wait

November is already here, and that means The Mozilla Festival is near. On November 9 – 11 in London you can meet journalists, filmmakers, educators and webdevelopers with an interest in building the web. I talked with Michelle Thorne this summer in Berlin about all the awesome stuff that will happen at the festival.

The theme of the festival is “Making, Freedom and the Web” and the aim is to make things that push the open web further. If you like to attend a conference, where you sit down and listen to speakers, this is not the festival for you. Mozilla Festival is about making and hacking things yourself.

“At last year’s festival we had a session on writing a data journalism handbook. We had a bunch of people that were saying that you can’t find that information anywhere. There are lots of pieces out there but nothing that ties it together. They sat down for a couple of hours and started writing the table of contents and sprinted on a lot of the chapters. The book got published by O’Reilly a couple of months ago,” says Thorne.

Mozilla finds interesting challenges and questions, brings together people with different perspectives at the festival and get them to spend a few hours hacking or designing different solutions to the various challenges and questions. You can participate in design challenges, learning labs and fireside chats about things like hackable games, making the web physical, source code for journalism and web-native cinema. It all sounds really interesting – and I can’t wait to go. Will I see you there?

Full schedule of the festival here

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