22. december 2012 Astrid Maria Bigoni

Christmas reading

Merry Christmas! If you need some distractions from presents and the eating, here are a couple of interesting reads:

Invasion of the cyber hustlers

Steve Poole’s long and thought-provoking piece on New Statesman from 6th December. It deals with gurus like Jeff Jarvis, Clay Shirky and Chris Anderson and provides a hard slap on the face to the naïve praise of the crowd and free as the things that will dominate our future. It is quite harsh on Shirky, Jarvis and the others and I don’t like the comparisons to Pol Pot and Lenin, but nevertheless it offers a critical view on the thoughts that these theorists successfully sell.

The Web We Lost

A great read about how services and the web became centralised by Anil Dash.

Nieman Journalism Lab Predictions for Journalism 2013

Nieman Journalism Lab has asked some interesting people about the future of journalism. I haven’t read them all, but it looks a good procrastination for me, as I’m spending the holidays writing two essays.

The coverage of Newtown showed that covering something like that is really hard. When to go fast, when to go slow on social media about the news cycles on Twitter and when to use social media for something more slow. The Danish newspaper Politiken wrote a fact based article after realising how many false rumours and errors were out there. [In Danish] Fejl og misforståelser løb som steppebrande efter skoleskyderi.

And another thing in Danish. I used to work with Kate Blume on ekstrabladet.dk. Now, after 45 years as a journalist, she is retiring. Read her views on how journalism have changed in this interview Hvis man læser en avis fra 1967, så dør man jo af grin!

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