14. december 2012 Astrid Maria Bigoni

The end of term

Ppphff … It has been a busy couple of months, so it feels slightly surreal, that I had the last lecture this term yesterday. Before I started this masters, my plan was to blog about all the exiting things I learned. But that didn’t happen. I was way too busy.

But Digital Sociology been great, inspiring, thought-provoking and I’ve been doing cool stuff.

So what have I been up to?

  • Well, I’ve been studying Twitter and experimenting with different tools to archive, analyse and visualise tweets. I’ll post some of the findings here – when I have a break.
  • I had to do an assignment about Digital Narcissism using HTML5 and CSS. I haven’t been marked on it yet, but I’m quite happy with how it ended up.
  • For another assignment I chose to blog about the theories surrounding what was once known as the digital divide. It was a group project and I thought that we would have to work on it throughout the year. We didn’t, and from a time management perspective I’m glad. But as it is an issue, that I’m very interested in, it would have been good to explore it further.

A crappy graph to let you know how it feels to be learning.

  • And I’ve learned a lot. But I’m not going to bore anybody about that now. I have two essays to write before the 10th January. So my Christmas will be about an online public sphere in user-generated content on news websites and about open innovation in projects like Ushahidi.
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